Women and Leadership

WED, FEB 3, 2021 (1:06:48)

Hear a powerful call to action for achieving equality in leadership from Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia (2010 – 2013) as she reflects on her new book Women and Leadership.

Using current research as a starting point, authors Julia Gillard and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (The World Trade Organization has appointed Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala as its new director-general – making her the first woman and first African to hold the role) analyzed their experiences, interviewed women world leaders and published their joint findings in a new book, “Women and Leadership. In it they investigate the questions raised by the lack of women leaders in the national arena.

Women make up fewer than ten per cent of national leaders worldwide, and behind this eye-opening statistic lies a pattern of unequal access to power. Through conversations with some of the world’s most powerful and interesting women–including Jacinda Ardern, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Christine Lagarde, Michelle Bachelet, and Theresa May – Women and Leadership explores gender bias and asks why there aren’t more women in leadership roles.

Image: Book Cover

+ BIO: Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard was the 27th Prime Minister of Australia.

She currently serves as the Chair of Beyond Blue, one of Australia’s leading mental health awareness bodies; is Chair of the global funding body for education in developing countries, the Global Partnership for Education; and is the inaugural Chair of the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership at Kings College London, which through research, practice and advocacy, is addressing women’s under-representation in leadership.

She has published her second book “Women and Leadership: Real Lives, Real Lessons” which is co-authored by Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

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