When Artists Go To Work with Dr. Bill Banfield

THU, MAR 23, 2023

The Boston University School of Theology is proud to present the bi-annual Lowell Lecture, which features a renowned speaker in a field related to theological studies.

This year, topics explore the spiritual dimension of artistic expression. The Spring 2023 lecture, titled “… when artists go to work…”, will feature Dr. Bill Banfield and the Imagine Orchestra.

+ BIO: William Banfield

Composer, educator, author, and Jazz guitarist Dr. Bill Banfield is Professor Emeritus founding director of Black Music Culture Studies at Berklee College of Music, and is Senior Scholar in Residence, Longy Conservatory of Bard College. He is founder/director of JazzUrbane, a contemporary jazz art recording label, dedicated to producing creative new artists. Since its founding in 2014, the label has already produced and released 15 albums now heard internationally. Serving now as Harvard’s Mentor-in-Residence, Dr. Banfield uses his wide-reaching experience and creativity to inspire these radio programs to view jazz in its entirety, from its cultures, history, experience, and beyond.

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