Weighing In On Metabolism

TUE, SEP 13, 2022 (28:23)

Dr. Susan B. Roberts is a leader in the science of metabolism. She has concentrated a great deal of her research on the rise of obesity, especially in Western nations.

In this program, she discusses how metabolism works under normal conditions, the relationship between metabolism and obesity, and the impact of certain diets on the metabolic system.

+ BIO: Susan B. Roberts, Ph.D.

Dr. Susan B. Roberts is well known for her research on the relationship between nutrition and cognitive development. She is currently expanding that work to evaluate how nutrition affects the aging brain. in this discussion she explains the brain-nutrition relationship in general, and how these two studies underscore the need to provide a healthy diet for all ages. She is particularly interested in how specific dietary adjustments improve child cognitive development and, for the aging, prevent cognitive decline.

Her work is widely quoted by national and international media including the New York Times, CNN, NBC, and ABC. She has received many awards for her work in nutrition research. Dr. Roberts was a member of the 2016-2017 National Academies of Science committee that reviewed updates to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

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