A Wearable Brain-Stimulation Device

MON, MAR 22, 2021 (36:29)

Dr. Kelly explains a challenging project underway: the design and testing of a brainwave recording (EEG) device that targets neural circuits with great accuracy. This device will help in the development of precise therapeutic diagnoses and treatments of brain damage and disorders.

Image: Belmont Media Center

+ BIO: Shawn Kelly

Shawn Kelly is an electrical engineer and a Senior Systems Scientist on the research faculty at Carnegie Mellon University, working on developing new medical technologies.

His technical focus has been on analog and mixed signal VLSI design, power and data telemetry, magnetic link design, and hermetic packaging design. He has applied these skills to implantable medical systems, specifically neural stimulators. His current work, an extension of his masters and PhD projects with the Boston Retinal Implant Project, involves the development of a retinal prosthesis for the blind.

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