Shah Selbe: Using Technology to Save the World

THU, MAR 31, 2016 (32:47)

Earth is currently in the midst of the sixth mass extinction, where poaching, overfishing, and habitat destruction are driving wildlife populations to critically low levels. Conservation needs better methods to help mitigate the effects of climate change and human impact. Thankfully, we are living in age where technology has improved nearly everything we deal with on a daily basis. Shah Selbe has, through his work as a National Geographic Explorer, developed innovative conservation technologies to deal with protecting wildlife and protected areas globally. This work has taken him from the beaches of Palau, wetlands of Botswana, mangroves on Caribbean islands. Hear Selbe tell stories of using drones, satellites, and the Internet of Earth Things (focused on connecting ecosystems using the same technology as “smart homes”) to help stop wildlife crime and ensure a future full of iconic animals like elephants, bluefin tuna, and tigers.

+ BIO: Shah Selbe

Shah Selbe is an engineer, scientist, systems thinker, environmentalist, and conservation technologist current residing in Los Angeles, CA. He has worked on issues ranging from clean drinking water in developing communities to overfishing to spacecraft systems. Shah’s main interest lies in design and how technology and multidisciplinary efforts can help solve the most pressing problems of today.

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