Understanding How Life Began

FRI, APR 2, 2010 (1:02:53)

Dr. Alonso Ricardo of the Szostak Lab at Harvard University explains how some of the molecules in our DNA are identical to molecules brought to Earth on meteorites, and he describes how elements in “stardust” may have met with conditions on Earth to lead to the emergence of life. Dr. Ricardo’s lecture includes animations and other graphics that help to make clear the very complex chemistry involved in the emergence of life. He shows how scientists are unraveling the steps toward the development of the cell, and why scientists concerned with that mystery are also concerned with the creation of a synthetic cell. Both processes are of great importance to science and medicine today.

+ BIO: Alonso Ricardo

Dr. Alonso Ricardo is a post-doctoral fellow at the Szostak Lab at Harvard University and Howard Hughes Medical Institute. He is currently working with Jack Szostak in unnatural genetic systems and self-replicating polymers.

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