Understanding Coastal Ecosystems

THU, JUN 18, 2015 (17:01)

Northeastern’s Brian Helmuth shows us how marine scientists investigate the effects of climate change on seacoast species, including mussels and oysters. The Helmuth Lab is very committed to outreach designed for students and the general public, and its online resources include virtual reality tours to many areas around the world.

+ BIO: Brian Helmuth

Helmuth’s research explores the effects of climate and climate change on the physiology and ecology of marine organisms. Specifically, he uses thermal engineering techniques, including a combination of field work, remote sensing and mathematical modeling, to explore the ways in which the environment determines the body temperatures of coastal marine animals such as mussels and seastars. Combined with energetics models, this approach provides a quantitative method of mapping patterns of growth, reproduction, and survival in economically and ecologically important coastal species.

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