Troubled Waters: Fewer Fish, Increasing Malnutrition

TUE, OCT 25, 2016 (34:43)

In recent years a combination of climate change, massive depletion of fish stocks by commercial fishing fleets, and exploitative trade policies are together creating nutritional crises in many poor nations. Christopher Golden explains the impact of these conditions on the health of millions of people. He also provides important facts about the nutritional differences between wild and farmed fish.

+ BIO: Christopher Golden

Ecologist and epidemiologist Christopher Golden, Ph.D. is a research scientist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and associate director of the Planetary Health Alliance at the Harvard University Center for the Environment. His research is concerned with the effects of global environmental trends on human health, and he has conducted studies on environment and health in many developing nations where biodiversity declines are now threatening human health.

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