Travis and Trinity Townsend: When The Cops Come Knockin’

MON, MAR 15, 2010 (57:40)

Travis and Trinity Townsend are brothers, attorneys, and authors of When The Cops Come Knockin’: An Illustrative Guide to Criminal Law. They speak to a class of high school students about criminal law, offer teenage survival skills and deliver insightful information about commonly committed cybercrimes. They discuss how to assert and protect legal rights when confronted by police officers, prosecutors, and other representatives of the criminal justice system.

+ BIO: Travis Townsend Jr.

Travis is a respected attorney with the law firm of Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice, PLLC, in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to jointing Womble Carlyle, he worked for Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP where he was actively engaged in the Morris Manning Diversity Committee and Legal Opinion Committee. Before joining Morris, Manning & Martin Travis worked as a corporate attorney with Alston & Bird, LLP, also in Atlanta.

+ BIO: Trinity T. Townsend

Trinity is an attorney in the law firm of King & Spalding in Atlanta. He has worked with employment cases involving age, gender, and racial discrimination. Like his brother, Trinity makes time for community service. He volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Atlanta and has helped plan and organize King & Spalding’s “Absolutely Incredible Kids” charitable program. He has also provided pro bono services representing clients in wrongful eviction mediation and has participated in Habitat for Humanity’s Wills Project—drafting wills for elderly and low-income individuals.

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