Tick, Tick, and More Ticks

TUE, FEB 22, 2022 (1:02:22)

Many people know at least one person suffering from Lyme’s disease, a quietly expanding tick-borne epidemic that has now spread throughout the United States into Canada. It is more than 40 years since the disease was first identified yet there is still no human vaccine available, despite the multiple vaccine options that you can purchase for your dog. So what happened to the vaccine that was developed in 1990s, and why was it so abruptly withdrawn from the market?

Brian Owens, an award-winning science journalist for Nature, New Scientist and The Lancet, was commissioned to investigate the causes, treatments, and controversy surrounding this insidious but often overlooked disease and recently published his book, “Lyme Disease in Canada”. In it, Owens cites hope in a new French vaccine that is being developed in partnership with Pfizer for use in 2024.

Joining him in this important discussion is Kris Newby, Stanford-educated science writer and senior producer of the Lyme disease documentary “Under the Skin”, whose book “Bitten” has won three international book awards. Find out what you should know about Lyme’s disease in advance of being bitten!

The two authors are joined by Nevena Zubcevik, Chief Medical Officer at Invisible International.

+ BIO: Brian Owens

Brian is the author of “Lyme Disease in Canada”, a science-based look at the causes, treatments, and controversy of this important and often overlooked disease.
He is an award-winning science journalist whose work has appeared in publications including Nature, New Scientist, The Lancet, and the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

+ BIO: Kris Newby

Kris Newby is an award-winning science/technology writer and the senior producer of the Lyme disease documentary UNDER OUR SKIN, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and was a 2010 Oscar semifinalist.

Her book BITTEN won a 2019 Silver Nautilus Book Award in Journalism & Investigative Reporting and the top 2020 International Book Award for narrative nonfiction. She has two degrees in engineering: a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah and a master’s degree from Stanford University.

Previously, Newby worked for Stanford University, Apple, and other Silicon Valley companies. She lives in Palo Alto.

+ BIO: Nevena Zubcevik

Dr. Zubcevik is the Chief Medical Officer of Invisible International, a non-profit organization working at the intersection of healthcare innovation, education and access. A Harvard trained and board certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician with experience in biotechnology, education and innovation, offering both academic and industry perspective. Her skills span Healthcare, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research, Medical Education, Innovation, Patient Care and Healthcare Value.

Dr. Zubcevik is also the CEO at dhamma.care a holistic integrative and concierge medical practice focusing on providing recovery from chronic illness. She serves as an expert witness, educator and innovator in disruptive technologies and collaborations for betterment of humanity.

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