Tech Titans of China

MON, SEP 16, 2019

Spearheaded by Huawei, China’s increasingly dominant presence in the tech sector, especially in the highly strategic 5G wireless market, has spurred endless headlines as the most visible flashpoint in the escalating U.S.-China trade war. Rising tariffs – and tensions- have spooked the capital markets from Wall Street to the City of London to Hong Kong. Investors are prepared for a long period of tension. It’s clear that the rise of China’s tech companies and intense competition from the sector is just beginning and it’s presenting challenges for US companies now and will present increasing challenges well into the future.

In this fireside chat, Rebecca Fannin, an expert on China, journalist, speaker and author of the new book “Tech Titans of China: How China’s Tech Sector is challenging the world by innovating faster, working harder, and going global,“ sits down with serial entrepreneur, professor, innovation consultant, angel investor, board member and startup mentor Mike Grandinetti and Hurst Lin, Co-Founder of DCM China and General Partner, to discuss the US-China tech race, Chinese tech companies, the tech sectors that matter most in China’s grab for superpower status, and what US startup founders can learn from Chinese founders.


+ BIO: Hurst Lin

Hurst Lin is the Co-Founder of DCM China and a General Partner. Hurst was a Co-Founder of SINA and a pioneer in the development of China’s Internet industry. As a Co-Founding General Partner of DCM China, Hurst brought with him experience and know-how in running start-ups to help entrepreneurs accelerate the growth of their businesses. At DCM, Hurst focuses primarily on consumer Internet businesses including eCommerce, digital media, online travel, mobile apps, and O2O. Hurst’s investments include Vipshop,, Tuniu, Wandoujia, 51Talk, Hudong (aka., Oriental Standard, PapayaMobile, Pharmaron, Luxin, Facishare (aka Fxiaoke), Ujipin, Huochebang, Tiebaobei, Udesk, Akulaku, DaGong, Huixiaoer and Kwai.

+ BIO: Mike Grandinetti

Mike has been continuously active in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship since earning his engineering degree. He went on to earn his MBA degree with distinction at Yale. He began his career in Silicon Valley and has spent his entire career as a practitioner in the world’s leading innovation clusters of Silicon Valley, Boston, Austin, and Tel Aviv. He is a successful serial VC-backed C-level tech entrepreneur, award-winning professor, innovation consultant, angel investor, board member, hackathon leader, keynote speaker, and startup mentor.

+ BIO: Rebecca Fannin

Rebecca is a leading expert on global innovation. As a technology writer, author and media entrepreneur, she began her career as a journalist covering venture capital from Silicon Valley. Following the VC money, she became one of the first American journalists to write about China’s entrepreneurial boom, reporting from Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Today, Rebecca pens a weekly column for Forbes and is a special correspondent for Rebecca’s journalistic career has taken her to the world’s leading hubs of tech innovation, and her articles have appeared in Harvard Business Review, Fast Company and Inc., and Techonomy.

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