Strategy for Discussion: The Welcome Table

SAT, NOV 19, 2016 (10:37)

It’s not enough to talk about Boston’s problems stemming from racism. Mayor Marty Walsh intends to devote 2017 to doing something about it. Wrapping up the November event “Boston Talks About Racism”, hosted by the Mayor at the Cutler Majestic Theater, reconciliation specialist Jennifer Henderson explained a technique for talking about racism that was first employed in Louisiana: The Welcome Table. Through storytelling and sharing in a safe space, “We build a bridge strong enough to bear the weight of the truth we have to tell each other,” she said.

+ BIO: Jennifer Henderson

Jennifer Henderson is CEO and co-founder of Strategic Decisions, LLC, a twenty-two year-old organizational management and leadership development consulting firm based in Henderson, Nevada. The firm is dedicated to advancing progressive social change through building the long-term capacity of organizations and expanding the skills and acumen of leadership.

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