Sylvie Tissot Discusses Good Neighbors

THU, NOV 5, 2015 (1:02:31)

Sylvie Tissot, author of Good Neighbors: Gentrifying Diversity in Boston’s South End, leads a panel discussion and open dialogue on the intersection of diversity, inclusion, and gentrification in the South End and Lower Roxbury. State Representative Byron Rushing moderates a conversation that explores what it means for a community to be welcoming and what needs to be considered in shaping the South End of the future. Panelists include author Sylvie Tissot, State Representative and moderator Byron Rushing, USES Board Member and life-long resident Chris Cato, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church Reverend Timothy Crellin, Head of the South End Forum Steve Fox, and activist and life-long resident Joyce King.

+ BIO: Sylvie Tissot

Sylvie Tissot is a French sociologist and feminist activist. She teaches political science at the Université de Vincennes-Saint Denis-Paris VIII. Her research focuses on urban transformations in French and American cities. She co-founded the popular website Les Mots sont Importants with Pierre Tévanian.

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