Strike A Pose: Voguing, Chosen Family, & the Queer Community

FRI, NOV 8, 2019 (1:52)

A forum to explore communities that were formed around the voguing scene as well as the concept of chosen family within the LGBTQIA+ communities within Worcester. Born from the nightlife of 1960s New York, vogue has been in symbiosis with the queer Latino and African American ballroom scene. Due to its popularization in the 1990s, mainly through Jennie Livingston’s Paris is Burning (1990) and Madonna’s “Vogue” (1990), the practice of voguing and the scene have moved from the margins to a mainstream site of visibility and have been established as a celebration tradition in LGBTQIA+ communities worldwide.

+ BIO: Craig Mortley

Craig Mortley is a queer man of color. He works in applied social work in Worcester in the field of intimate partner violence and is a refugee practitioner. His community work includes social justice, queer equity, social justice, community engagement, and LGBTQ+ advocacy.

+ BIO: Manuel “Miss. M” Lancara

Manny “Miss.” Lancara MSW, BHS, BSN, is a Social Worker working with Advocates, AFC., human services organization in Framingham providing support to more than 30,000 individuals with disabilities and families in Central and Eastern Massachusetts.

Miss M, former director of Big Brother Big Sister of Chattahoochee Valley in Columbus GA, directed the OJJDP Program (Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention) in addition to working as a Nurse Officer for the Correction Corporation of America, CCA and ICE in Lumpkin, GA.

Miss M has 30 years’ experience in Non-Profit and Community organizations, in Massachusetts And Connecticut. Miss M was born in Puerto Rico and relocated to NYC in 1983 where she has always been active and supportive in the LGBTQ+ community.

Most recently Miss M is helped c-found Queer the Scene LLC. in Worcester, MA and would like to collaborate with other LGBTQ organizations as a reference.

+ BIO: Tarik Spriggs

Tarik Spriggs is the HIV Youth Prevention Services Coordinator at Casa Esperanza Inc, a substance abuse and mental health treatment facility in Roxbury. Born and raised in Boston, MA, his love for performing arts and youth work fueled the passion for his role. Since joining the human services and positive youth development field at Boston GLASS, he has facilitated numerous workshops in the middle and high schools of greater Boston, implemented successful youth programs, hosted community events, handles all social media sites, and runs his own vogue class. With his many years of dance training, youth empowerment work and 15 years of participating in the ballroom scene, Legendary Father Tarik St. Clair is very seasoned for any stage! He’s performed and spoken at numerous events from Boston to New York to Atlanta to New Jersey.

+ BIO: Lamar Brown (they/them)

Lamar Brown is the Community Relations Manager for AIDS Project Worcester , a non-profit dedicated to serving the HIV/AIDS Community. They are also the co-founder of Queer the Scene, , an apologetic and creative social outlet for Central Massachusetts and beyond. Lamar recently received recognition as one of Worcester’s Hometown Heroes for their dedication and commitment to community.

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