The State of Equity: What Does Current Data Say?

TUE, NOV 15, 2016

Learn about the latest data on the income gap, the wealth gap, and problems we see as a result of these gaps. It will address the ways these gaps produce inequitable spaces, and how inequitable spaces help to maintain these gaps. This is the latest in up-to-date knowledge about the state of inequity and how it plays out spatially. Learn what key metrics that need to be targeted for change in working for greater equity.

+ BIO: Alvaro Lima

Alvaro Lima is the Director of Research for the Boston Planning & Development Agency. Originally from Brazil, he recently served as Senior Vice President and Director of Research of the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC), a non-profit organization founded by Harvard Professor Michael Porter. Prior to the ICIC, Alvaro was the Director of Economic Development at Urban Edge, a Boston-based community development corporation. He has also worked as Chief of the Economic Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Energy in Mozambique. In his work in Brazil, he was the Coordinator of Regional Development Projects at the Institute for Social and Economic Research – IPARDES. Alvaro holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the New School for Social Research.

Boston Society of Architects/AIA and the BSA Foundation
Design for Equity in Boston