The Stamp Act Crisis

WED, SEP 16, 2015 (58:03)

The Stamp Act Crisis–What difference did it make? What were the long-term consequences of the crisis? This second talk in the 2015 series is important for what happened: A broad mobilization of Bostonians demolished property and forced the resignation of Crown officials; the British government reacted by rescinding the Stamp Act. Professor Robert J. Allison of Suffolk University, will discuss the overall significance of the Stamp Act Crisis, how it affected all classes of people in different ways, and how it has been viewed in succeeding centuries. (Photo: Wikimedia)

+ BIO: Robert Allison

Robert Allison has been a professor of history at Suffolk University for fifteen years and is also the director of the American Studies Program at Suffolk. He received his Phd at Harvard University and has written many books on Boston’s role in the American Revolution.

Paul Revere Memorial Association
Exploring the Stamp Act: Hangings in Effigy, Crowd Actions, and Funerals for “Liberty”
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