Sport and Society: Homosexuality and Hypermasculinity

TUE, APR 29, 2003 (17:30)

Eric “Gumby” Anderson, author of Trailblazing: America’s First Openly Gay Track Coach, gives a provocative talk on the rise of misogyny and homophobia and its expression within the culture of sports. Are you a football fan? Find out why “Coach Gumby” thinks football should be done away with. This lecture is part of First National Gay and Lesbian Athletic Conference held at MIT.

+ BIO: Eric Anderson

Coach Eric Gumby Anderson came out as the nation’s first openly gay track coach. He is the author of Trailblazing: The True Story of American’s First Openly Gay Track Coach. Currently, he teaches Men and Masculinities and the Sociology of Sport at UC Irvine, where he studies like issues.

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