Social Media and Mental Health

TUE, FEB 21, 2023 (25:52)

As the negative effects of social media increase, parents, educators, and health professionals are searching for solutions. Teens are especially susceptible to the problem. Dr. Jacqueline Sperling describes the addictive nature of social media and its impact on self-esteem and attention span. She offers some possible solutions.

+ BIO: Jacqueline Sperling, Ph.D.

Jacqueline Sperling, PhD, is a clinical psychologist. She is the co-founder and Program Director of the McLean Anxiety Mastery Program at McLean Hospital, and she is an Instructor in Psychology, at Harvard Medical School.. Dr. Sperling is the author of the young adult nonfiction book “Find Your Fierce: How to Put Social Anxiety in Its Place” and a contributor for Harvard Health Publishing. She specializes in implementing evidence-based treatments, such as cognitive behavior therapy, and working with youth who present with anxiety disorders and/or obsessive- compulsive disorder.

Photo credit: Health Journal

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