Seth Grahame-Smith: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

WED, MAR 17, 2010 (39:05)

Seth Grahame-Smith discusses his book, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. While Abraham Lincoln is widely lauded for reuniting the North with the South and abolishing slavery from our country, no one has ever known about his valiant fight against the forces of the undead. That is, until Seth Grahame-Smith, author of the bestselling novel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, stumbled upon The Secret Journal of Abraham Lincoln, and became the first living person to lay eyes on it in more than 140 years. Using the journal as his guide, Grahame-Smith has reconstructed the true life story of our greatest president for the first time - all while revealing the hidden history behind the Civil War, and uncovering the role vampires played in the birth, growth, and near-death of our nation.

+ BIO: Seth Grahame-Smith

Seth Grahame-Smith is a film and television writer/producer, semi-frequent blogger, and bestselling author. His first novel, “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” debuted at #3 on the New York Times bestseller list. Since its release in April 2009, it has sold over a million copies and has been translated into 20 languages. Seth is also the Co-Creator/Executive Producer of the upcoming MTV comedy series, “The Hard Times of RJ Berger.” He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son.

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