Self-Defense Mechanisms of the Cell

TUE, DEC 14, 2010 (53:45)

The biological cell deploys an amazing self-repair kit against threats from all quarters: hereditary problems, environmental toxins, dietary inadequacies, diseases, and everyday survival stress. Dr. Alimchandani explains how cells deal with these challenges, and how increased scientific understanding of cell defenses leads to exciting new prospects for dealing with diseases and other threats.

+ BIO: Sushil Alimchandani

Sushil Alimchandani, PhD, (aka Chandani) is a Research Scientist in the Department of Biology at Boston University. He is an experimental biologist whose extensive research includes the computer modeling of processes involved in DNA repair, the mechanism by which carcinogens cause mutations, and the differences between normal and malignant cells. He has also worked on the factors that ensure the transparency of the human eye lens and on the causes of age-related blindness.

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