Roy Blount Jr: Alphabet Juice

FRI, NOV 21, 2008 (59:17)

Roy Blount Jr. discusses his Alphabet Juice book, which celebrates “the juju of language”, the sonic and kinetic energies of words, and an exploration of our language. He uses sources as venerable as the Oxford English Dictionary and as hip as

+ BIO: Roy Blount Jr.

Roy Blount Jr. is the author of 21 books about a wide range of things, from the first woman president of the US to what barnyard animals are thinking. He is a panelist on NPR’s Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me, the president of the Authors Guild, a member of PEN and the Fellowship of Southern Authors, a New York Public Library Literary Lion, a Boston Public Library Literary Light, a usage consultant to the American Heritage Dictionary, and an original member of the Rock Bottom Remainders. He comes from Decatur, Georgia, and lives in western Massachusetts.

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