The Road to Justice: Civil Rights and Legal Developments

THU, OCT 6, 2011 (1:15:26)

The United States made enormous progress toward racial justice since World War II. Fred D. Gray, one of the nation’s preeminent civil rights lawyers, analyzes legal developments in this field, drawing on his own leading role in many landmark civil rights cases. Gray explains the relationship between legal advocacy and political activism while examining the challenges that the U.S. continues to face in preserving and extending the gains that have been made. This lecture is of particular interest to lawyers because of Mr. Gray’s unique perspective as an advocate for civil rights in several landmark Supreme Court cases and in many other lawsuits. Because Mr. Gray is currently in practice, he provides timely information useful to lawyers who handle civil rights, human rights, civil liberties, disability rights, labor and employment cases.

Case Western Reserve University
Civil Rights Movement Series