Religious Imagery in Navajo Textiles

THU, NOV 7, 2002 (1:10:54)

Rebecca Vallette, professor of Romance languages at Boston College and an avid scholar of Navajo weavings, explains that the seemingly abstract designs in Navajo textiles are, in fact, religious symbols imbued with specific meanings. These textiles are known, to many, for their bold and repeated geometric patterns.

+ BIO: Rebecca Valette

Dr. Rebecca M. Valette is Professor of Romance Languages at Boston College. An internationally known expert on language pedagogy and testing, she is the coauthor, with her husband, of several widely-used language programs, including Discovering French and Spanish for Mastery. Rebecca has recently concluded a three-year term as President of the American Association of Teachers of French, and is now serving as Co-Chair of that organization’s (AATF) Student Standards Task Force which is writing the French version of the national student standards document.

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