The Reality of Making Audio Drama

THU, SEP 22, 2016 (00:00)

Join Archive 81 and The Deep Vault co-creator Marc Sollinger for a look at the history and future of audio drama. From sound design to directing to writing, we’ll explore what makes a fiction podcast great, and we’ll talk about the unique challenges and opportunities of the medium. (Photo: By Unknown - Retrieved March 14, 2014 from Radio In The Home magazine, Henry M Neely Publishing Co., Philadelphia, Vol. 2, No. 4, September 1923, p. 7 on American Radio History website, Public Domain)

+ BIO:

Marc Sollinger is an Olympic gold medalist, shark wrestler, and lead cultist of the dread god Cthulhu. In addition to all this, he’s a total liar. Actually, Marc’s a public radio guy who’s worked for The PBS NewsHour, Marketplace, and is currently the Associate Producer of Innovation Hub. In his spare time, Marc’s co-created the podcasts The Deep Vault and Archive 81. These have proved to be surprisingly popular, and have been covered in WIRED, The Daily Dot, The AV Club, and a bunch of other places.

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