The Real Key to Feeding the World

MON, SEP 20, 2021 (50:39)

Industrial agriculture –“Big Ag”– destroys soil on a massive scale and is a major source of atmospheric CO2, environmental toxins, and ecosystem collapse. Contrary to corporate claims, it is not the best or only way to feed the world. David Montgomery discusses the numerous myths of industrial agriculture and explains how farmers around the world are restoring, through regenerative agriculture, soil and environments, and harvesting much healthier food. In addition, restorative methods are the best form of carbon capture, which is essential for dealing with global warming.

+ BIO: David Montgomery

Professor of Geomorphology, Earth and Space Sciences, University of Washington. Dr. Montgomery is an internationally recognized geologist who studies landscape evolution and the effects of geological processes on ecological systems and human societies. Dr. Montgomery is also of 3 award-winning popular science books and he has been featured in documentary films, TV and radio programs including NOVA and All Things Considered. For more about his important work please check his website.

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