Power of the Coin: Power of Faith

WED, APR 23, 2003 (1:09:30)

Caroly Shumway describes global collaborative efforts between conservationists and the faith community, including the New England Aquarium’s Changing Hearts and Minds Project in Papua New Guinea. Heather Tausig and Glenn Hovermale describe the Eco-Sound Project, a collaboration between the New England Aquarium and one of the world’s largest seafood retailers. The project has the potential to influence large-scale buying patterns and improve marine conservation on a global scale.

+ BIO: Heather Tausig

Heather Tausig is the Director of Conservation for the New England Aquarium. In this role she oversees all programs and staff within the department, coordinates conservation messages in Aquarium exhibits, and serves as a liaison with federal, state, and local governmental and non-governmental agencies concerning ocean conservation issues. The primary program areas she oversees include the Sustainable Fisheries Initiative, World of Water Films, and Marine Conservation Action Fund. Heather is also a senior producer of the Aquarium’s World of Water (WOW) conservation films, which are distributed to more than 400 aquariums, zoos and science centers in the United States and abroad, with an audience of approximately 15 million people annually. Heather also oversees the coordination of grant requests and serves on the board for the Marine Conservation Action Fund a unique re-granting program that aims to protect and promote ocean biodiversity by supporting small-scale, time-sensitive, community-based projects around the world. In addition, Heather serves on the Advisory Board of University of New Hampshire’s Large Pelagics Research Center, the Advisory Board for EcoFish, the Board of Directors for the Women’s Fisheries Network, New England Chapter, and the Board of Managers of the Maria Mitchell Association, a science and history-based education, conservation, astronomy and natural science research institution. Heather received her master’s degree in International Relations and Energy and Environmental Studies from Boston University.

+ BIO: Caroly Shumway

Dr. Caroly A. Shumway serves as Principal Investigator in Aquatic Biodiversity, Departments of Conservation and Research. Dr. Shumway is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology at Boston University. Her program in Aquatic Biodiversity includes the creation of Living Links: Choices for Survival; development of Scientists Without Borders, a program to link young scientists with communities in need of biodiversity research; Changing Hearts and Minds, a values-based approach to environmental stewardship in the South Pacific; and assistance with freshwater biodiversity conservation and livelihood security in the Congo on a USAID-funded project. She also writes and conducts research on conservation policy, the use of behavior in conservation, and the evolution of brain and behavior. Dr. Shumway has eleven years of experience in international conservation ranging from governmental policy (USAID) to grassroots work (The Nature Conservancy).

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