Podcasting on Earth

SAT, OCT 12, 2019

The Earth is an incredible place, and all of us, in some sense, are Podcasting on Earth. But these panelists are diving into the mantle, flying high above the weather patterns, exploring the intricacies of ecological systems, and finding our place on this, our world. What can podcasting about earth sciences and stories sound like? What are the challenges and opportunities to be podcasting about Earth in 2019? On this panel, you’ll hear all about how podcasting can explore the complexities of metereology, climate change, the politics of the environment, and more.

Photo: NASA/GSFC/Reto Stöckli, Nazmi El Saleous, and Marit Jentoft-Nilsen [Public domain]

+ BIO: Therese Etoka

Therese Etoka is an undergraduate student, a communications web intern, podcaster, cinematographer, and an activist focusing on the areas of climate justice/environmental racism, immigrant rights, and women’s rights. She is a co-host of Vaguely Relevant Podcast using storytelling to share her narrative and first began narrative storytelling by creating, filming, and editing footage and audio for her videos. She especially enjoys partnering with organizations and individuals who also utilize their platform to amplify social justice issues through media.

She currently resides on the east coast for college studying the areas of International Relations and Political Science.

+ BIO: Andy Kubis

Andy Danyo Kubis is a freelance producer, reporter and editor based in Pittsburgh. She produces the Trump on Earth podcast and Hacking Hunger, a podcast for the UN’s World Food Program. She also produced early episodes of the podcast Being Human, from the University of Pittsburgh’s Humanities Center, and Cat Facts, a cat-based podcast hosted by her son. Andy started her radio career at NPR and worked as a producer for The Bob Edwards Show/Bob Edwards Weekend for the full ten-year run of the show. Her environmental reporting has won top honors from the National Press Club and the Society for Environmental Journalists.

+ BIO: Carolyn Beeler

Carolyn Beeler covers the environment for The World, where she focuses on stories about people and places impacted by climate change. She has reported from all seven continents and won national and regional awards for her breaking news and in-depth feature reporting. Before joining The World, she helped pilot the weekly health and science show The Pulse at WHYY in Philadelphia, and reported from Berlin for a year as a Robert Bosch Foundation fellow. She studied journalism at Northwestern University and got her start in radio as a Kroc fellow at NPR.

+ BIO: Laur Hesse Fisher

Laur Hesse Fisher leads the development and execution of public engagement on climate change for the MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative, and collaborates with people throughout MIT to plan and create the next generation of MIT’s digital community on climate change. She is the host of ESI’s podcast, TILClimate (“Today I Learned: Climate”), which breaks down the science, technologies, and policies behind climate change, how it’s impacting us, and what our society can do about it in 10 minute episodes.

+ BIO: Jenni Doering

Jenni Doering got her start in radio and podcasting as an intern with Living on Earth back in 2014, and covers a wide range of environmental topics on policy, science, climate change solutions, and more. After growing up in San Diego, California, she majored in Environmental Humanities at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA, fell in love with nature writing, and now enjoys molding words and sounds to please the ear. She is an occasional interviewer and co-host at Living on Earth. Some recent favorite productions have explored how African guinea fowl might reduce Lyme disease risk, the incredible ecosystem services of beavers, and the ineffable world beneath our feet.

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