Patricia Sprinkle: Friday’s Daughter

TUE, MAR 8, 2011 (38:38)

Atlanta’s popular author of many delightful novels, Patricia Sprinkle, talks about her latest: Friday’s Daughter. It’s a contemporary tale of sisterhood, the South, and matters of the heart centering on the youngest of three sisters who is determined to claim a life of her own in the wake of the death of her father and an unusual bequest. Sprinkle is the author of more than a dozen books including such well-regarded mysteries as Death on the Family Tree and What Are You Wearing to Die? Her most recent book was Hold Up the Sky, which fellow Atlanta author Patti Callahan Henry called ”a beautiful and thoroughly Southern story.”

+ BIO: Patricia Sprinkle

Patricia H. Sprinkle is a freelance writer whose nonfiction books includes Children Who Do Too Little. She is also a best-selling mystery writer and an active member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America. She is a frequent speaker at seminars and womens conferences and lives in Miami with her husband. They have two grown children.

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