On Behalf of the City and Its Senior Citizens

FRI, JAN 14, 2011 (29:58)

With the gift of a home by an East Cleveland, resident, social worker and senior citizen, The Helen S. Brown Center was created. Working in conjunction with the Western Reserve Area on Aging, the Center offers a range of social activities including meals, wellness exercises, aquatics, dancing, sewing, knitting and arts programs. It conducts outreach and serves the homebound in meeting their personal needs. Regionally Speaking brings together Kevin Valentine, Director of Senior Services for the City of East Cleveland and the Helen S. Brown Center, and Mildred Brewer, East Cleveland resident and Councilwoman of Ward 4 to address the needs of its senior citizens who make up 30% of the City’s population.

+ BIO: Kevin Valentine

Kevin Valentine, Director of Senior Services for the City of East Cleveland

+ BIO: Mildred Brewer

Mildred Brewer, councilwoman, ward 4, city of East Cleveland.

+ BIO: Helen Brown

Helen S. Brown, resident of the city of East Cleveland.

+ BIO: Gladys Haddad

Gladys Haddad is Professor of American Studies at Case Western Reserve University and the founder and director of the Western Reserve Studies Symposia, an annual event now in its twentieth year that offers a forum and WEB site for the study of the history and culture of a distinctive northeastern Ohio region. She earned a B.A., Allegheny College, B.F.A., Lake Erie College, M.A. and Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University. She is professor of American Studies emerita at Lake Erie College where she was academic dean and executive assistant to the President. A historian and regionalist her scholarship is centered in Ohio’s Western Reserve. She has published on the history, literature, and art of the region. She is the author of Ohio’s Western Reserve: A Regional Reader, Anthology of Western Reserve Literature and Laukhuff’s Book Store: Cleveland’s Literary and Artistic Landmark: An Epilogue. She is the editor of Western Reserve Studies: A Journal of Regional History and Culture and Western Reserve Studies Symposia Papers. She is the Project Archivist, Researcher and Author of the CASE website “Selected Philanthropic Families of Case Western Reserve University.”

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