Old South Meeting House and Historic Preservation in America

WED, MAY 25, 2016 (00:00)

Erica Lindamood of Old South Meeting House and Alison Frazee of the Boston Preservation Alliance discuss the Meeting House’s important place in the historic preservation movement throughout New England and across the nation. From America’s first stay of demolition, to creative fundraising solutions involving the “Mary Had a Little Lamb” namesake and a fiery speech by Wendell Phillips, there’s a story for historians and preservation buffs of all stripes. (Image: Flickr/Boston Public Library)

+ BIO: Erica Lindamood

Erica Lindamood is the Education Director at Old South Meeting House. According to her LinkedIn, her position consists of managing adult and youth programs for the Meeting House, including lectures, performances, and school and family programs. She collaborates with local nonprofits and businesses, the National Park Service, scholars, and artists to design programs and special events. Previously, she was the Education Coordinator for Boston Preservation Alliance.

+ BIO: Alison Frazee

Alison Frazee is the Director of Advocacy and an Outreach Coordinator at the Boston Preservation Alliance.

Old South Meeting House