NOVA scienceNOW: Fuel Cells

THU, NOV 10, 2005 (53:28)

Fuel cell researcher, Martin Baucom moderates a discussion of the science of fuel cell research at a Science Café after a screening of NOVA scienceNOW: Fuel Cells. Everyone from automakers to environmentalists to politicians is touting hydrogen fuel cell cars as the wave of the future. But just how soon will that wave arrive? Most experts agree that major technological and economic hurdles need to be cleared before these silent, pollution-free automobiles proliferate on the nation’s highways. NOVA scienceNOW, NOVA’s new magazine-format miniseries about cutting-edge science produced by WGBH, presents a Science Café to address fuel cell research. This event attempts to demystify the science and encourage discussion in an informal setting. We encourage you to explore the NOVA scienceNOW website for additional information.

+ BIO: Rob Jackson

Rob Jackson is a Professor at Duke University and is currently Director of Duke’s Center on Global Change and Duke’s Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometry Laboratory. His research examines feedback between people and the biosphere, including studies of the global carbon and water cycles, biosphere/ atmosphere interactions, and global change. He also directs the new Department of Energy-funded National Institute for Climatic Change Research for the southeastern US and co-directs the Climate Change Policy Partnership, working with energy and utility corporations to find practical strategies to combat climate change.

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