Notes from the Field: Massachusetts Bay and Cape Cod Bay

THU, JUN 4, 2015 (00:00)

Massachusetts Bay and Cape Cod Bay are bordered by 50 communities, home to 1.7 million people, all of whom impact our local bays in one way or another. The MassBays National Estuary Program, one of 28 _NEP_s established under the Clean Water Act, is charged with assessing that impact, and reporting on trends over time. They address questions like, “Is water quality in the bays improving?” and “Are herring coming back to our rivers?” and even, “Can our salt marshes survive sea level rise?”. Join MassBays Director Pam DiBona for a report on the State of the bays based on a recent scientific symposium, and Samantha Woods, Director of the North and South Rivers Watershed Association, who brings hundreds of volunteers to the task of finding answers to these questions.

+ BIO: Samantha Woods

Protecting the vitality of the North and South Rivers Watershed Association has been Samantha Woods’ full-time job since 2002. Woods spends her day s staging informative public events about the issues facing the rivers, advocating for specific solutions with public officials, and teaching the general public to understand the importance of protecting the rivers.

+ BIO: Pam DiBona

Pam DiBona has more than 25 years’ experience in the environmental field, working in the government, nonprofit and private sectors. She is currently the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Bays National Estuary Program.

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