The New Economy: Eds and Meds, 1980s to Today

WED, NOV 18, 2015

Universities and hospitals have long been the bedrock of strong communities. However, in the second half of the 20th century the elite institutions also became incredible wealth generators. With research grants, pharmaceutical contracts, and bio-tech money on the table, this became a frenetically competitive market and the top institutions looked to secure their position through expansion. However, this expansion displaced residents and the new wealth brought into the city increased economic pressure on neighboring communities. The explosion of bio-technology and the innovation economy has swelled tax rolls but also created the challenge of harnessing this new wealth to benefit the entire population.

+ BIO: Anthony Pangaro

Anthony Pangaro is the principal developer of Millennium Partners in Boston.

+ BIO: Barbara Rubel

Barbara Rubel is the director of Community Relations at Tufts University.

+ BIO: Kathy Spiegelman

Kathy Spiegelman is currently the Vice President and Chief of Campus Planning and Development at Northeastern University. This position was created in 2013 to ensure that the university’s physical resources keep pace with its core values and ambitions. In this role, Kathy is responsible for the effective use of land and buildings on Northeastern’s main campus in Boston, its graduate campuses around the country and other properties owned or leased by the university.

+ BIO: Peter Kiang

Dr. Peter Nien-chu Kiang is Professor of Education and Director of the Asian American Studies Program at the University of Massachusetts Boston where he has taught since 1987. Under his leadership, UMass Boston has developed the most Asian American Studies courses, faculty, and community linkages of any university in New England. Peter currently serves as co-president of the Chinese Historical Society of New England and chair of the Massachusetts Advisory Committee for the US Commission on Civil Rights.

+ BIO: Kairos Shen

As the director of planning for the Boston Redevelopment Authority, Boston’s agency for economic development and planning, Kairos Shen was intimately involved with several high-profile projects, including the planning and permitting of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, a job that included developing legislation for construction and financing.

Massachusetts Historical Society