The New Boston Miracle

THU, OCT 13, 2011 (1:41:11)

Gang and drug conflicts lead to prison or death for far too many inner-city youth, mostly minority males, and is a pattern seen in cities across the world. Criminologist and author of Don’t Shoot, David M. Kennedy, tells how Boston addressed this problem in the 1990s with the successful ‘Boston Miracle” which reduced youth homicide by two-thirds. Emmett Price, who counsels at-risk Boston youth through hip hop music, discusses funeral fatigue, copycat criminals, and the new rules of engagement. Carmen Ortiz shares with us her plans to mitigate violent crime through the Organized Crime Strike Force/Gang Unit. The three come together with Suffolk University associate professor and co-director of The Center for Crime and Justice Policy Research, Dr. Erika Gebo, for a conversation about the past, present, and future of inner-city youth violence in Boston and beyond.

Ford Hall Forum