Sandford Biggers: Negerplastic

WED, NOV 8, 2017 (1:01:05)

A Los Angeles native working in New York City, Sanford Biggers will discuss his art, which integrates film, video, installation, sculpture, drawing, original music and performance. He intentionally complicates issues such as hip hop, Buddhism, politics, identity and art history in order to offer new perspectives and associations for established symbols. Through a multi-disciplinary formal process and a syncretic creative approach he makes works that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are conceptual.

+ BIO: Sanford Biggers

Sanfor Biggers is a Los Angeles native working as a visual artist and performer in New York City. He has recently exhibited work at the Brooklyn Museum, Sculpture Center and Mass MoCA. Biggers has won awards including the American Academy in Berlin Prize, Greenfield Prize, and the Lambent Fellowship in the Arts. Biggers is Assistant Professor at Columbia University’s Visual Arts program.

Boston College
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