Native Americans and the Boston Harbor Islands

WED, MAY 7, 2003 (1:05:35)

Currently the home of a waste water treatment plant, many do not know Deer Island’s history as an internment camp for Native Americans (many of whom died) in the 1675 war known (in Anglicized terms) as King Phillip’s war. Multiple perspectives (Anglicized and Native American) are still being revealed about the dark pages of Deer Island’s history. This and other topics particular to Native American history and the Boston Harbor Islands are discussed with a diverse panel moderated by cultural anthropologist for the National Park Service (Northeast Region) George Price. Panelists include Edith Andrews, Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah), Jim Peters, Executive Director, MA Commission on Indian Affairs, and member of the Wampanoag Mashpee, and Pat Garwood, Tribal Council, Nipmuc Nation.

+ BIO: George Price

George Price is a cultural anthropologist with the National Park Service.

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