My Life with the Hemingways

MON, NOV 8, 2004 (1:30:36)

After more than 40 years of virtual silence, Valerie Hemingway, the confidante of Ernest, shares stories of her years living and traveling with Ernest and Mary Hemingway. Her new book, Running with the Bulls: My Life with the Hemingways, was provoked by an editor’s discovery of uncataloged papers, manuscripts and letters rotting in the basement of the Hemingways’ former home in Cuba. Valerie, having put the papers in the basement to begin with, agreed to sort through them and prepare them for deposit at The Kennedy Library. The process spurred her finally to write the memoir that she had started repeatedly but had never been able to complete. The critical response to Ms. Hemingway’s book is that it has been well worth the wait.

+ BIO: Askold Melnyczuk

Askold Melnyczuk is Associate Professor for Creative Writing at UMass Boston. His publications include Ambassador of the Dead (Counterpoint Press, 2001), What Is Told, Blind Angel (novella, 2002); Short Fiction, Poems and Reviews in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, The Nation, The Partisan Review

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