Mount Auburn Cemetery's 175th Anniversary: William Clendaniel Opens the Ceremony

TUE, APR 11, 2006 (1:17:20)

William Clendaniel, president of Mount Auburn Cemetary, lectures on the history of Mount Auburn in celebration if its 175th anniversary. Clendaniel shares this remarkable institution’s history, its ties to the Boston Athenaeum, what it is today, and how it continues to evolve and remain a relevant and important part of Boston’s cultural fabric. One of Boston’s oldest nonprofit institutions, Mount Auburn Cemetery is a National Historic Landmark and a beloved historic landscape that continues as an active cemetery today. Mount Auburn is also an important cultural resource for the community with a nationally known collection of plants and important collections of architecture, sculpture, paintings, paper and photographic archives, and decorative arts from three centuries.

Boston Athenaeum
Mount Auburn Cemetery's 175th Anniversary Series