The Most Dangerous Branch: Inside the Supreme Court's Assault on the Constitution

TUE, NOV 27, 2018 (53:30)

David Kaplan is the former legal affairs editor at Newsweek. His book The Most Dangerous Branch: Inside the Supreme Court’s Assault on the Constitution is based on exclusive interviews with the justices and dozens of their law clerks. Kaplan provides fresh details about life behind the scenes at the Court, from Clarence Thomas’s simmering rage, to Antonin Scalia’s death, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s celebrity. Kaplan shows the justices’ aggrandizement of power over the decades—from Roe v. Wade to Bush v. Gore to Citizens United, to rulings during the 2017-18 term. Conservative and liberal justices alike are shown to be guilty of overreach. Image: Book Cover

+ BIO: David A. Kaplan

David A. Kaplan is the former legal affairs editor of Newsweek, where he covered the Supreme Court for a decade. His other books include The Silicon Boys (a New York Times bestseller that was translated into six languages), The Accidental President (an account of the 2000 election on which HBO’s Recount was partially based), and Mine’s Bigger (a biography of the largest sailboat in the world that won the Loeb Award for Best Business Book of 2008). He teaches courses in journalism and ethics at NYU. He and his family live in Irvington-on-Hudson, New York.

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