Marine National Monument

THU, MAY 4, 2017

The Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument, which was designated by President Barack Obama on September 15, 2016, is the only marine national monument in the U.S. Atlantic Ocean and the only one located off the continental United States. With words and pictures, Drs. Scott Kraus and Peter Auster will recount their many years of research on marine mammals and deep-sea ecology in this region beyond the edge of our continental shelf gathered using ships, aircraft, and deep-sea submersibles. Photo Credit: Kate Rister/Vimeo

+ BIO: Peter Auster

Dr. Peter Auster joined Mystic Aquarium as a senior research scientist in 2011. He is a marine ecologist; focusing on the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity in the ocean. Although retired from the University of Connecticut, he retains a faculty appointment in the Department of Marine Sciences and has ongoing projects with enrolled students. For the past 30 years, Dr. Auster has conducted studies aimed at understanding the behavior of marine fishes and how the dynamics in patterns of habitat use influence their distribution and abundance. His most notable applied science work has focused on understanding the ecological effects of fishing and development of a scientific basis for using marine protected areas as a conservation tool. Dr. Auster has led many shore-based projects and has served as a scientist on more than 60 research cruises in the northwest Atlantic, Bering Sea, Gulf of Alaska, Caribbean Sea, Indian Ocean, South China Sea, Gulf of California and equatorial Pacific. His fieldwork, which has utilized SCUBA techniques, research submersibles and remotely-operated vehicles, has resulted in citations in more than 130 scholarly and technical publications. Dr. Auster serves on multiple panels and committees focused on marine resource management as well as conservation and outreach. He is a Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation and a Fellow in the American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists. Dr. Auster was the Mote Eminent Scholar in Fisheries Ecology at Florida State University during the 2010–11 academic year. Commendations include a NOAA Environmental Hero Award, a NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries Outstanding Volunteer Service Award and a University of Connecticut at Avery Point Award for Excellence in Teaching. Photo Credit: Mystic Aquarium

+ BIO: Scott Kraus

Scott Kraus is Vice President of Research at the New England Aquarium, where he has conducted a wide range of research on North Atlantic Right Whale biology and conservation since 1980. The photocatalog of individual right whales that he created has been the cornerstone of many current studies.

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