Vic Seidler: Making Sense of Brexit

MON, JUN 4, 2018 (1:05)

Looking at Great Britain’s decision to leave the European Union in 2016, what can we learn? In his new book, Making Sense of Brexit: Democracy, Europe, and Uncertain Futures, Vic Siedler addresses the causes and implications of Brexit. He argues that we need new political imaginations across class, race, religion, gender, and sexuality to engage in issues about the scale and acceleration of urban change and the time people need to adjust to new realities. Photo: Pixbay

+ BIO: Vic Seidler

Victor J. Seidler is an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London. His research interests include social theory and philosophy; Marxism and critical theory; moral theory; masculinity and sexual politics; and he has written on social theory, ethics, and gender, particularly in relation to men and masculinities. In recent years his writing and research have focused on the cultural memory of particular events and the ways they might challenge traditional social and cultural languages.

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