Landscape Design: New Garden Paradise

THU, JAN 19, 2006 (41:40)

Dominique Browning takes us on a private tour of 35 of the world’s most exquisite examples of cutting edge garden design. Astonishing in their range, vibrancy, and attention to detail, many of the featured gardens have never before been shown to the public. From the beautifully undulating hedges created by renowned Belgian designer Jacques Wirtz to the quiet power of Mia Lehrer’s California, The New Garden Paradise offers readers an exclusive showcase of work, and an introduction to this astonishing world of landscape design. During the last decade, the gardening world has benefited from an exceptionally talented pool of landscape designers. In the midst of a healthy economy, the results in innovative garden design have been unrivaled in the past 100 years.

+ BIO: Dominique Browning

Dominique Browning is the editor in chief of House & Garden. She lives in New York with her two teenage sons.

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