Just and Lasting Change: Sustainable Communities

WED, FEB 26, 2003 (1:12)

Daniel Taylor-Ide, president of Future Generations, discusses his new book Just and Lasting Change, on proven models for fostering healthy, sustainable communities in impoverished areas worldwide, by creating partnerships among community members, governments, and outside experts. He claims his approach to community-based development, integrated with environmental conservation, really works.

+ BIO: Daniel Taylor-Ide

Daniel Taylor-Ide travels widely in the U.S., India, and Nepal, working for the United Nations, the Dalai Lama of Tibet, and the government of Nepal. He was knighted by the king of Nepal for his efforts. He founded the Woodlands Mountain Institute, an organization dedicated to sustainable development planning for mountain regions and peoples; is the president of Future Generations Inc.; and leads a research group at Johns Hopkins University in the School of Public Hygiene and Public Health. Daniel lives on Spruce Knob Mountain in West Virginia with his wife, Jennifer, and three children, Jesse, Tara, and Luke.

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