Journalists in Jeopardy: Risking it All to Get the Story

TUE, APR 7, 2015 (00:00)

Journalists face extraordinary peril to report on the prevailing issues of the day. Facing a global attack on their livelihoods – and sometimes their very lives – journalists are being forced to recalibrate and reassess. Even in this digital age, there is no lens that can replace human observation – on the ground, in the trenches and on the front lines of the war for information. What challenges do today’s journalists face, and how has their industry changed over the decades? Why are today’s journalists more at risk, and why are they risking it all to bring stories to light? How can investigative reporting survive in this challenging and often dangerous environment? Moderated by The World’s Editor Aaron Schachter. (Photo: Osprey plates from body armor by Coliningrad)

+ BIO: Aaron Schachter

Schachter’s own experience as a field correspondent included Middle East reporting for The World for eight years. He covered the second Palestinian Intifada, reporting extensively from Israel, the West Bank and Gaza.

Schachter had the good timing to be in Iraq when the Hussein family was caught – Uday and Qusay during summer 2003, and father Saddam that December. He’s also reported stories from throughout Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan.

His stories have won awards from the duPont Columbia School of Journalism and the Scripps Howard Institute.

Before joining The World, Schachter worked in Los Angeles as editor, reporter, and host of the Marketplace Morning Report, and as a reporter for the Los Angeles bureau of National Public Radio. Schachter has served as a reporter and anchor at Colorado public radio in Denver, WBUR in Boston and WFCR, New England Public Radio, in Amherst, MA.

When not chained to his desk or being the perfect father to his two boys, Schachter enjoys attempting to mountain bike, hike, back­country ski and other hard guy activities he has no business participating in.

+ BIO: Amir Tibon

Amir Tibon is an award winning Israeli journalist, who filmed the first-ever Israeli TV report from inside Syria’s civil war. He is the diplomatic correspondent for Walla News, Israel’s most widely-read news website, where he is responsible for covering Israel’s foreign relations and the Prime Minister’s office. Tibon has been a guest on CNN, MSNBC and Al-Jazeera, and has reported from 12 different countries in the last 2 years.

+ BIO: Tracey Shelton

Tracey Shelton is an Australian multimedia journalist stationed in Turkey. She works predominantly for GlobalPost and GroundTruth as a reporter, photojournalist and video documentary producer. She has covered conflict and the legacy of war in eight countries most notably Libya, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. Tracey was awarded an Overseas Press Club Honor for her coverage of Gaddafi’s fall in Libya and a George Polk Award for video coverage of the Syrian conflict.

+ BIO: Joe Bergantino

Joe Bergantino is the executive director and co-founder of the New England Center for Investigative Reporting, a nonprofit news outlet dedicated to holding the powerful accountable and training a new generation of watchdog journalists. He was an I-Team reporter for WBZ-TV in Boston for 22 years and an ABC News correspondent for five years.

+ BIO: Charles M. Sennott

Charles M. Sennott, the executive editor and vice president of GlobalPost, is an award winning journalist and author with a distinguished career in international reporting for both print and broadcast news organizations. An experienced bureau chief, a hard hitting foreign correspondent and an energetic innovator in multimedia, Sennott is uniquely equipped to be a leader in the digital age of international journalism. Through nearly 25 years as a reporter and on-air analyst, Sennott has been on the front lines of wars and insurgencies in 15 countries from the jungles of Colombia to the deserts of Iraq. He has covered a wide range of stories from the papal transition in Rome to the oil industry in Saudi Arabia. A longtime foreign correspondent for The Boston Globe, Sennott served as the Globe‘s Middle East Bureau Chief based in Jerusalem from 1997 to 2001 and as Europe Bureau Chief based in London from 2001 to 2005. In 2005, Sennott returned to his native New England when he was awarded a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University. In the fall of 2006, he returned to the Globe newsroom as a staff writer for Special Projects. Since then, Sennott has been a leader on a multimedia team that combines writing with still photography as well as audio and video in an effort to produce groundbreaking coverage both online and in the newspaper.

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