Jimmy Carter: Prophet from Plains

FRI, OCT 24, 2008 (1:02:20)

Frye Gaillard explores the legacy of former President Jimmy Carter in his new book, Prophet from Plains. Frye Gaillard, a writer of Southern culture and politics, assesses the life and work of Carter through his stubborn, faith-driven integrity, which is at once his greatest asset and most serious flaw. Among 20 other books that Gaillard has written is Cradle of Freedom, winner of the Lillian Smith Award.

+ BIO: Frye Gaillard

Frye Gaillard, writer in residence at the University of South Alabama, has written extensively on southern race relations, politics and culture. He is former Southern Editor at The Charlotte Observer, where he covered Charlotte’s landmark school desegregation controversy, the ill-fated ministry of televangelist Jim Bakker, the funeral of Elvis Presley, and the presidency of Jimmy Carter.

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