JFK: A Vision for America

SUN, MAY 14, 2017 (1:16:30)

Published in commemoration of the centennial of President John F. Kennedy’s birth, JFK: A Vision for America is the definitive compendium of JFK’s most important and brilliant speeches, accompanied by commentary and reflections by leading American and international figures—including Senator Elizabeth Warren, David McCullough, Kofi Annan, and the Dalai Lama. Combined with over seven hundred documentary photos, it tells the story, in words and pictures, of JFK’s life and his presidency, and depicts his compelling vision for America. Historian Fredrik Logevall moderates a discussion between the book’s editors, JFK’s nephew Stephen Kennedy Smith and renowned historian Douglas Brinkley, who are joined by Ambassador Samantha Power and journalist Ron Suskind on the legacy of JFK as portrayed in this compendium. Photo: Public Domain, JFK with Peace Corps by Abbie Rowe, August 1962 (NARA)

+ BIO: Stephen Kennedy Smith

Stephen Kennedy Smith is currently a lecturer at the Sloan school of Management in the visionary investing program, as well as a fellow at the Connection Science Group at MIT. He holds an M.A. from Harvard University, a J.D. from Columbia University, and an M.A. Ed. from Harvard’s School for Education. He has served on the staff of the Senate Judiciary and Foreign Relations Committees. He has taught in the advanced negotiation program at Harvard Law School and is a three-time recipient of the Danforth Award for excellence in teaching at Harvard University. He is also a recipient of the Lyndehurst Foundation Prize for social and artistic achievement.

+ BIO: Fredrik Logevall

Fredrik Logevall is a Swedish-American historian and educator at Harvard UniversityLogevall has lectured widely around the world on topics relating to diplomatic history and contemporary U.S. foreign policy and has won numerous honors for his work. Among other awards, he has received the Stuart L. Bernath book, article, and lecture prizes as well as the Warren F. Kuehl Book Prize (2001) from the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations; and the W. Turrentine Jackson Book Award, Pacific Coast Branch, American Historical Association (2000). He was also selected as a “Top Young Historian” by History News Network. A dedicated teacher, Logevall received the UCSB Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Prize for the Humanities and Fine Arts in 1998.

+ BIO: Ron Suskind

Ron Suskind is an American journalist and author. He was the senior national affairs writer for The Wall Street Journal from 1993 to 2000, where he won the 1995 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing four articles that became the starting point for his first book, A Hope in the Unseen. His other books include The Price of Loyalty, The One Percent Doctrine, The Way of the World, Confidence Men, and his memoir Life, Animated: A Story of Sidekicks, Heroes, and Autism. Suskind has written about the George W. Bush Administration, the Barack Obama Administration, and related issues of the United States’ use of power.

+ BIO: Samantha Power

Samantha Power is an Irish-American academic, author and diplomat who served as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations from 2013 to 2017. Power began her career by covering the Yugoslav Wars as a journalist. From 1998 to 2002, she served as the Founding Executive Director of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, where she later became the first Anna Lindh Professor of Practice of Global Leadership and Public Policy. She was a senior adviser to Senator Barack Obama until March 2008, when she resigned from his presidential campaign after apologizing for referring to then-Senator Hillary Clinton as “a monster.”

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