Jane Green: Promises to Keep

FRI, JUN 25, 2010 (39:34)

Jane Green, the bestselling author of 11 popular novels discusses a compelling new novel just right for summer reading, Promises to Keep. It’s the story of one remarkable summer in Maine when the lives of several families intersect, and what happens when you have to be your parent’s child long after you’ve grown up. The novel focuses on enduring love, building relationships and making tough decisions, the challenges we all have to face. Green has won acclaim for her novels which include such favorites as The Beach House, Babyville, Dune Road and Second Chance

+ BIO: Jane Green

British born Jane Green is a founding member of the genre known as “chick lit.” Before writing for the Daily Express in London, Green worked for years in entertainment journalism and public relations. Her first book Straight Talk was written after she decided to leave the paper to do freelance writing. Green has had a string of international bestsellers.

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