Iraq: An Endgame

THU, JAN 17, 2008 (1:22:09)

Dr. Reiter spells out the challenges and options in Iraq and places them in a broad framework to help others evaluate alternatives and arrive at their own answers. Dr. Dan Reiter is a professor and chair of the Political Science Department at Emory University. His scholarly interests include US foreign policy, the causes of war, war termination and non-proliferation policy. He has appeared on CNN and has authored a number of editorials in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He has published dozens of scholarly articles and his most recent book is Preventive War and Its Alternatives: The Lessons of History.

+ BIO: Dan Reiter

Dan Reiter, B.A. (1989), Northwestern University, Ph.D. (1994), University of Michigan, John M. Olin post-doctoral fellow in national security, Harvard University (1994-1995) specializes in international conflict, foreign policy decision-making, national security policy, international alliances. His current research interests include why democracies win wars, international sources of democratization, whether democracies are more likely to ally with each other, and using event history analysis to study international conflict.

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