I Now Pronounce You: Lucy Stone

FRI, MAR 25, 2016 (48:42)

Meet Lucy Stone, the first woman from Massachusetts to earn a college degree and a lifelong supporter of human rights. As a scholar, Stone studied Greek and Hebrew and argued that the Holy Bible was mistranslated to oppress and objectify women. In her personal life, she demanded that her marriage vows be rewritten and refused to take her husband’s surname, leading to the moniker “Lucy Stoner” for a woman who does just that. As a public speaker, Stone campaigned for equal rights for women and African-Americans, and inspired many women, including Susan B. Anthony, to join the suffrage movement. Critically acclaimed actress Judith Kalaora portrays this outspoken 19th-century “feminist-abolitionist” in this performance, written by the actress herself. (Image: [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons, image cropped)

+ BIO: Judith Kalaora

Judith Kalaora is an actress, educator, and historical interpreter. She has worked on stages from London to Montreal and across the U.S.A. Kalaora holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University and attended the Globe Education Program, at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, in London, U.K. She teaches regularly for Cambridge & Newton Adult Education and performs in schools, independent living communities, libraries, and historical societies throughout the Northeast.

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