How We Tell History: Perspective and Point of View in History Podcasting

FRI, OCT 11, 2019 (1:01:53)

History tells us stories of the past, but there are two - or three, or five, or twenty - sides to every story. The way we tell history is defined by our perspective, so how does a historian or historical storyteller choose their perspective and the point of view from which to tell it? When telling history, is there such thing as objectivity? How much context is too little or too much? In this panel, history podcasters discuss how they wrestle with these important questions when shaping their work for a general audience.


+ BIO: Mishy Harman

Mishy Harman is the host and co-founder of Israel Story. He’s a curly-haired Jerusalemite, who stumbled upon radio by chance. Following his military service in the IDF, he studied history at Harvard, archeology at Cambridge and wrote his PhD – a biography of the first Protestant missionary in Ethiopia – at the Hebrew University. He now lives in Somerville, MA, with his wife Federica and their two dogs, Nomi and Golda.

+ BIO: Sarah Handley-Cousins

Sarah is the author of Bodies in Blue: Disability in the Civil War North. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor of History at the University at Buffalo. In addition to a PhD in History from the University at Buffalo, Sarah holds a BA from Wells College and an MSEd from Niagara University, and is an alum of the New York State Council for the Humanities Public Humanities Fellows. You can find her writing on Nursing Clio, where she is also an Editor, and various digital news outlets, including The Washington Post and The New York Times.

+ BIO: Matt Breen

Matt Breen is the publisher and host of the Explorers Podcast, which looks at the lives and discoveries of some of the world’s greatest (and not so great) explorers. Matt holds a history degree from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

+ BIO: Robin Pierson

Robin Pierson is from London in the UK. He is the host of the History of Byzantium, a podcast dedicated to the story of the Roman Empire from the collapse of the West in 476 to the fall of Constantinople in 1453. He also leads listener tours to Istanbul to explore the Byzantine sites.

+ BIO: Roifield Brown

Roifield Brown is a prolific podcaster and founder of the Agora Podcast Network. Among podcasts he has created are Ten America Presidents, The Things That Made England, DumTeeDum, How Jamaica Conquered the World, Mid-Atlantic and ReConsider.

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